Wednesday, April 13, 2016

sentens types

Before the sun rose each morning, year sixes went for a run twice around the four hundred metre field.

As we went into the cave I heard somebody scream. When they exit the cave I see their eyes wide open with fear then I felt a bit scared.

Although the parents told us to be quiet we didn't then in the morning Ihaia and I got moved in the morning at 3 am because we were talking.

When we were coming back from camp we played a shooting game and dropping the nook on people's old rusty houses.

If we got hit it would not hurt us at all because we were in the car and the car was unbreakable for anything even a nuke (drop the nuke drop the nuke)(ok captain dropping the nuke)

Unless the walk didn’t happen camp would not be camp any more it would be like beef without gravy and Hadley without sport or -running.

After the run every morning we go straight to the trampoline then when everyone has finished the run we all group up and go into the kitchen and have breakfast.

Because we went for a run every morning we got fitter and fitter every day and we got fatter every night because we eat eat eat and eat food at dinner.

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